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1. Weight training tones your muscles which looks great and raises your base metabolism… which causes you to burn more calories 24 hours-a-day. You’ll even burn more calories while you’re sleeping.

2. Weight training can *reverse* the natural decline in your metabolism which begins around age 30.

3. Weight training energizes you.

4. Weight training has a positive affect on most of your 650+ muscles.

5. Weight training strengthens your bones reducing your risk of developing osteoporosis.

6. Weight training improves your muscular endurance.

7. Weight training will NOT develop big muscles on women….just toned muscles!

8. Weight training makes you strong. Strength gives you confidence and makes daily activities easier.

9. Weight training makes you less prone to low-back injuries.

10. Weight training decreases your resting blood pressure.

11. Weight training decreases your risk of developing adult onset diabetes.

12. Weight training decreases your gastrointestinal transit time, reducing your risk for developing colon cancer.

13. Weight training increases your blood level of HDL cholesterol (the good type).

14. Weight training improves your posture.

15. Weight training improves the functioning of your immune system.

16. Weight training lowers your resting heart rate, a sign of a more efficient heart.

17. Weight training improves your balance and coordination.

18. Weight training elevates your mood.

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If you want to reduce your body fat, focus on increasing the amount of exercise you get rather than decreasing your food intake. A recent national study was done using two groups of sedentary men, one group in their 20’s and the other over age 65. A lot was learned from this accumulated data and it is interesting to note that there was a significant relationship between lack of physical activity and fat. Not surprisingly, the most sedentary men had the most body fat.

These studies have also indicated that the governments current recommended daily allowance for calories does not correlate with the body’s actual energy needs. For example, although 2400 calories have been calculated for older men, they in fact burned an average of 2800 calories daily.

The leading experts now recommend that people who want to lose weight start increasing their physical activity. Just being more active in general (such as climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator, moving around instead of sitting still, sitting up instead of lying down as well as showing some excitement and enthusiasm instead of boredom), are things that more effectively burns calories and reduces body fat. Everyone seems to have lost sight of the value of being active. Consider this, a half-hour aerobic workout accounts for far less energy expenditure than our minute-to-minute movement in the office or at home.

Millions of Americans are trying to lose weight, spending approximately $30 billion a year on diet programs and products, often they do lose some weight. But, if you check with the same people five years later, you will find that nearly all have regained whatever weight they lost. A national panel recently sought data to determine if any commercial diet program could prove long-term success. Not a single program could do so.Being seriously overweight and particularly obesity predisposes individuals to a number of diseases and serious health problems, and it’s now a known fact that when caloric intake is excessive, some of the excess frequently is saturated fat.

People who diet without exercising often get fatter with time. Although your weight may initially drop while dieting, such weight loss consists mostly of water and muscle. When the weight returns, it comes back as fat. To avoid getting fatter over time, increase your metabolism by exercising regularly.

Walking is one of the best exercises for strengthening bones, controlling weight, toning the leg muscles, maintaining good posture and improving positive self-concept. To lose weight, it’s more important to walk for time than speed. Walking at a moderate pace yields longer workouts with less soreness – leading t more miles and more fat worked off on a regular basis. High intensity walks on alternate days help condition one’s system. But in a walking, weight-loss program, you are not requried to walk an hour every day as some people would have you believe.

When it comes to good health and weight loss, exercise and diet are inter-related. Exercising without maintaining a balanced diet is no more beneficial than dieting whle remaining inactive.

Weight Loss

Why do so many people fail at losing weight? Is it because they are lazy? No. Is it because they are addicted to food? No. Is it because they aren’t good at exercising? No. Failure at weight loss stems from a few main factors:

  • People don’t truly understand the risks of being overweight. Why do most want to lose weight? Most would say to look better. Looking better certainly is a benefit of losing weight, but this shouldn’t be the sole reason to lose weight. There is a 1000 pound gorilla in the room and it’s often ignored. Being overweight for a long period of time kills thousands of people each year. Thousands of studies have show and proven without any doubt that losing body fat will improve and lengthen your life. This eBook will give you a picture of the dangers of being overweight. Knowing the dangers of being overweight is a tremendous motivator to not only lose fat, but to keep it off.
  • People don’t commit to permanent lifestyle changes. So many people think of a “diet” as something temporary. When they are on a “diet” they restrict themselves so much that they are miserable. Sooner or later failure is inevitable because of the unreasonable demands of most “diets.” Some of these diets force you to only eat certain foods (e.g., no carbs, special soups etc…) You, like myself, have probably tried them before. The key to losing weight long term is to make gradual lifestyle changes you can stick to forever.
  • Most individuals are not provided the truthful facts of losing weight and becoming healthier. With the conflicting information in the media, and all of the different lose weight quick fad diets, it’s understandable why so many people really don’t know the truth about losing fat and keeping it off long term. We will go over the no-nonsense truth.
  • Most people don’t understand they are constantly either gaining fat, or losing fat. There is no in-between. Some people justify binging or giving up because they hit a small road-block. This isn’t an all or nothing game. For example, when I was overweight, if I ate an unhealthy lunch, I’d go ahead and eat an unhealthy dinner since I already “messed up” the day. Or I’d say, I’ll start eating healthy on Monday since I’ve already eaten poorly this weekend. Every person at times eats too much. The successful people will not let a road bump completely derail their entire lifestyle change. If you are not implementing positive lifestyle changes and losing weight, you are gaining weight. Again, there is no “in-between.”
  • Most people don’t realize what they consume each day. So many overweight people eat thousands of extra calories and fat without realizing it. It’s tough to know if you are gaining weight or losing weight each day unless you are keeping an eye on what you’re consuming. Later in the eBook you will be given an easy way to keep track of your consumption.

TT Review 3

Many people think that cardio is the best way to get firm stomach muscles, but the Turbulence Training e-book puts that myth to rest. Find out more in this amazing review.

Find out why cardio exercises are not the best way to lose weight and build muscle by reading the Turbulence Training e-book. If you have spent countless hours doing cardio then it’s best you learn now what a waste of time it has been and learn something new.

Click here to experience Turbulence Training yourself.

Turbulence Training review

If you’re looking for a book that gives you direction and focus so that you can actually get a firm body without unnecessary body fat then Turbulence Training is definitely what you should be looking at.

Turbulence Training is written by Craig Ballantyne, who is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and a men’s health magazine expert. He has put together a system that is workable for anybody that really wants to make a change in their body by gaining muscle and losing unnecessary weight.

While some experts say that you have to do your cardio in the fat burning zone, Craig says that it is far from true. It is basically the same as not doing any exercise at all. This is not the best way to lose your belly fat, and nobody wants to waste time when they are exercising. If you want to transform your body you need to limit yourself to short workouts and these can be done at home.

This book will also explain why you don’t have to do cardio every day of the week, and why 45 minutes of workout three times a week is all that is necessary to get your body looking like you want it to. You will also learn why it doesn’t take 20 minutes of cardio before you start burning fat, and how short bursts of exercise can give you an increased loss of fat – a lot more than a regular cardio workout would.

Scientific research has proven that both women and men can lose fat and gain muscle at the same time if one of the components of the Turbulence Training system is followed. By doing exercises in short bursts your metabolism will increase, you’ll lose fat and gain muscle. This is a winning combination to say the least.

Most people nowadays don’t have a lot of time to spend exercising, and this training method works with that. These exercises can be done in the home and there is no need to travel across town to get to the gym every time you want a quick workout. Your time is valuable, and this training system takes that into account.

You can get rid of stubborn stomach fat using the Turbulence Training system, and develop rock-hard abs just like the bodybuilders have. You can raise your metabolism and get ready for a renewed energy level that will be of benefit in all aspects of your life.

TT Review 2

Turbulence Training is the breakthrough, bestselling book by Craig Ballantyne, a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS). He is also an author who has written several articles for publications like Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Oxygen, Maximum Fitness, and more. (Find out more at the website)

Right off the bat you can be assured that Craig is an expert in his field. This is always an important point to consider when you commit to a fitness program.

Turbulence Training bases its routine around the goal of losing fat while at the same time building muscle. It provides a program to meet this goal in small, manageable workouts designed with busy people like students and working individuals in mind.

What is “Turbulence Training”?Turbulence Training Review

With Turbulence Training, Craig puts a new spin on workout routines. They aren’t your typical boring workouts, and he puts holes in the “old” way of just doing mindless cardio for weight loss. Through interval training and resistance training, the exercises in Turblence Training are designed to boost your metabolism and keep it going so that you will burn fat literally all day…even while you sleep.

He says, “Cardio doesn’t boost your metabolism after exercise. Only strength training and interval training do that – while you work, sleep, and eat – your body will be shedding fat.”

The WorkoutsTurbulence Training Review

One good thing about Turbulence Training is that the workouts were designed so that they can be conducted entirely in your own home. You might have to invest in some barbells and an exercise ball, but those items cost a fraction of what a gym membership could cost. Of course, his workouts can also be conducted in a gym.

Turbulence Training comes with 26 weeks worth of workout routines that can be used over again. Included in this are introductory and intermediate phase workouts so that a beginner can hop right into the program. The rest of the weeks are advanced workouts that will really get you in top physical shape.

Who’s this program for?Turbulence Training Review

Turbulence Training will provide results for anyone–male or female–looking to lose fat and get into great physical shape. People of all ages can use Turbulence Training as long as they are relatively healthy. (Of course, before beginning any workout routine you should consult your physician.) Make no mistake, Turbulence Training is not for wimps. If you are sedentary you will definitely benefit from this program, however you must commit yourself to a bit of lifestyle and activity level change.

The sales page might make the program seem as though it is focused for men, but women are in for a nice surprise: the program includes a special guide just for the ladies.

What This Program Is NOTTurbulence Training Review

If you’ve tried other training programs in the past and have been disappointed, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Turbulence Training. This program is NOT any of these things:

  • Long, boring cardio workouts
  • Machine based exercise circuits
  • A bodybuilding program to bulk up
  • A workout with time wasting isolation exercises
  • A restrictive “diet”

What This Program IS – Bottom LineTurbulence Training Review

Turbulence Training is a revolutionary new way to get great results: if you commit to this program you will lose fat and you will get in better shape. Turbulence Training is based on sound, proven scientific research and years of personal training experience. The results speak for themselves.

I highly encourage you to check out the Turbulence Training website and see for yourself that this program is the real deal. Craig provides some great testimonials on his website from respected authorities like the editor of Men’s Health. There are not a lot of programs I highly recommend, however this is one of them.

TT Reviewed

All the best trainers and fitness experts know that crunching away is pointless. The best ab workouts include dynamic challenging ab exercises that build core strength and burn tons of fat and calories too.

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Turbulence Training

Turbulence Training is an eBook by Craig Ballantyne (Oxygen Magazine Training Advisory Board) and a fitness trainer. The professional advice provided in this ebook claims that it can help you drop your weight and build muscles more effectively than any other weight loss system available. Turbulence training review site provides a review . . . → Read More: Turbulence Training

Turbulence Training more

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Turbulence Training Review

Review of Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training, a fat loss program using weight training and minimal cardio.

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